Jim Boyer - Bass

Jim Boyer was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA.  He began his musical career with piano lessons at age five; quickly grasping the concept of staff notation, compositions began to flow from his pen.  When he was ten, Jim took up the trumpet, but due to the intuitive foresight of his teacher, Jack Daniels, Jim switched to tuba in the summer before his twelfth birthday.  This was the beginning of Jim Boyer's career as a bassist.  Throughout his junior high and high school days, Jim played Eb and BBb tuba and sousaphone in both concert and marching bands under the direction of Russell Byerly, and was selected to perform as a tubist in the BuxMont Regional Concert Band.  Joseph DePolis (a.k.a. "Mr. D") was the head of the music department at Springfield Township High School in those days, and was perhaps Jim's greatest mentor.  Inspired by Joe DePolis, Jim Boyer sang baritone in the elite Springfield Choir and performed on bass trombone in the Springfield Swing Band.  During his senior year of high school, Jim scored the entire orchestral arrangement for the drama department's production of "Our Town."

Jim Boyer studied music at the University of Hawaii and began playing electric bass.  In 1971 Jim became a founding member of the 70's rock group Catapult along with Dave Cowan and Anne Ward.  Catapult was primarily a concert band, performing often at Diamond Head Crater for festivals known as Sunshine Festival or Crater Celebration.  During the 70's, Catapult opened for many acts, including Bonnie Raitt, Spirit, Jessie Colin Young, Bachman Turner Overdrive, and a California tour with the Chi Lites.

In California during the 80's Jim Boyer devoted most of his time to raising his young family, but continued to play with several local musicians, especially long time friend, Rick Hussong.  Eventually two bands came out of the collaboration with Rick Hussong: Backroads and Daddy Chillin.  Backroads had an incredible almost jazz-like feeling, but the band didn't perform often.  Daddy Chillin, with more of a rock influence, was and still is a working band, typically playing several club dates monthly.  Rick's daughter, Jaime Hussong,  is the Daddy Chillin lead vocalist, and has developed a style of her own with some influence by blues singer Koko Taylor.

Now in the Asheville area of North Carolina, bassist Jim Boyer has been playing with Mark Appleford as a duo in smaller venues where acoustic guitars rule, and in the full band Locomotive Pie where the finesse of the acoustic instruments isn't lost, but the energy of electric instruments is fulfilled.  Locomotive Pie is currently recording their first CD of all original material, due out later this year.

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